Battery Lifting Tools

Battery lifting tools enable the lifting, removing and carrying of batteries of different sizes and weights. They are ergonomically designed to provide better grip and even weight bearing distribution which protects the user from getting injured during lifting.

Battery lifting tools are made of metal and rubber coated for extra grip. The accompanying straps are made from nylon.

What are battery lifting tools used for

Battery lifting tools enable the user to lift batteries used in machinery, vehicles, equipment and power boxes. They protect the operator from manual handling injuries as well as burns from battery acid leaks.

Types of battery lifting tools

The main battery lifting tools available include:

  • Side lifters with large grip areas which spread the weight evenly, beneficial when lifting very large or heavy batteries.
  • Universal lifters that can be used with any type of battery regardless of size and weight and which have an adjustable strap.
  • Top lip jaw lifters that are designed to offer better balance for the user when lifting automotive batteries or generator ones.
  • Battery straps that fasten right to the terminal of top-post batteries that need to be lifted from a tight spot or awkward angle.
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