Binoculars are a hand held optical device, providing the user a magnified view of distant objects. Consisting of two telescopes, one for each eye mounted on a frame, with a single thumbwheel to control the focus of the binoculars. They are essential for outdoor adventures and bird watchers alike, they provide detail from a distance of events occurring a far. Whether you enjoy bird watching or spectating sporting events a pair of binoculars ensure that nothing passes you by.
There are two main types of binocular optical design
Porro Prism: These types of binoculars have a more iconic and traditional ’M’ shaped design. The way the light travels through the internals forces the shape of the binoculars to be larger. As a result they are larger, sometimes feeling uncomfortable in the hand.
Roof Prism: These binoculars feature a more compact ’H’ shaped design with the eyepiece and lens not lining up. The level of detail is more superior to the Porro prism binoculars with the addition of being better streamlined and sleeker.
You will find special features, which include fog proof finishes, night vision and waterproof protection.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Magnification Power Objective Lens Diameter Angle of View Actual Angle of View Apparent Field of View @ 1000m Dimensions Depth Width Height
Olympus DPS-I 10x 50 binocular,50mm dia Olympus 10X 50mm 6.5° 65° 114m 191 x 178 x 63mm 63mm 178mm 191mm
Olympus DPS-I 8x40 binocular,40mm dia Olympus 8X 40mm 8.2° 65.6° 143m 182 x 139 x 58mm 58mm 182mm 139mm
Hama Optec Binoculars 12x25 HAMA 12X 25mm - - 78m - - - -
Hama Optec Binoculars 8x21 HAMA 8X 21mm - - 122m - - - -
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