Clamping Actuators

Clamping actuators are tools used to grip and hold equipment or materials. The clamps secure the actuator rod in a vertical position and prevent it from retracting, which is essential for operator safety.

They have spring-like mechanisms that are kept in an open position by the pressure in the pneumatic system. If a drop in pressure occurs because of a leak, the clamps will snap closed and secure the rod until the air pressure is normalised.

What are clamping actuators used for?

Clamping actuators secure equipment while repairs take place or while materials are being handled. They are typically found in robotics processes within the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Types of clamping actuators

Clamping actuators come in single-acting, double-acting and through-rod variants and designs for specific applications. These include:

  • Rotary clamping actuators – operate on lubricated compressed air with an clamp arm attachment to secure the equipment or materials.
  • Pancake clamping actuators – can operate with lubricated or unlubricated compressed air and are ideal for small spaces due to their compact size.
  • Pin clamping actuators – have pins that allow for precise positioning as well as clamping.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Manufacturer Series Bore Clamp Stroke Maximum Operating Pressure Port Connection Weight
Rotary clamp cylinder 10 x 20 Left
  • RS kood 715-0745
  • Bränd SMC
  • Tootja partnumber MKB16-20LZ
SMC 6 MK 16mm 20mm 10 MPa M5 x 0.8 123g
Parker Pneumatic Actuator C05-32-12-25 Parker 5 C05 32mm 25mm 10 bar G 1/8 400g
Rotary clamp cylinder 10 x 20 Right
  • RS kood 715-0749
  • Bränd SMC
  • Tootja partnumber MKB16-20RZ
SMC 5 MK 16mm 20mm 10 MPa M5 x 0.8 123g
Rotary clamp cylinder 20 x 20 Right
  • RS kood 715-0751
  • Bränd SMC
  • Tootja partnumber MKB20-20RZ
SMC 5 MK 20mm 20mm 10 MPa M5 x 0.8 290g
Parker Pneumatic Actuator C05-32-12-10 Parker 4 C05 32mm 10mm 10 bar G 1/8 320g
Parker Pneumatic Actuator C05S-32-12-5 Parker 3 C05 32mm 5mm 10 bar G 1/8 192g
Rotary clamp cylinder 32 x 20 Left
  • RS kood 715-0755
  • Bränd SMC
  • Tootja partnumber MKB32-20LZ
SMC 3 MK 32mm 20mm 10 MPa Rc 1/8 525g
Parker Pneumatic Actuator C05S-12-5-4 Parker 2 C05 12mm 4mm 10 bar M5 23g
Rotary clamp cylinder 20 x 20 Left
  • RS kood 715-0758
  • Bränd SMC
  • Tootja partnumber MKB20-20LZ
SMC 2 MK 20mm 20mm 10 MPa M5 x 0.8 290g
Parker Pneumatic Actuator C05-12-5-10 Parker 0 C05 12mm 10mm 10 bar M5 45g
SMC Linear Actuator MK-A Series
  • RS kood 885-2266
  • Bränd SMC
  • Tootja partnumber MK-A032Z
SMC 0 - - - - - -
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