Earthing Straps

Earthing straps, or grounding straps, connect an electrical system to the conductive surface of the earth for safety. They provide an outlet for excess current if there is a fault in the system, allowing the current to flow into the earth.
Earthing straps are also commonly used as antistatic devices. When someone is working on sensitive electrical equipment, they might need to prevent build up of static, which could cause sparks to fly and damage equipment.

How do earthing straps provide security?
In the event of a fault, earthing straps provide protection by drawing current away from the equipment or worker and into the ground. If the current gets too high, the circuit should also be protected by a device such as a thermal magnetic circuit breaker.

Types of earthing straps
There are broadly two types of earthing straps: those that are for use on humans, and those that are for use directly on equipment.
Antistatic earthing straps fit around your wrist, and connect via a clamp to a ground conductor. Equipment earthing straps similarly encircle equipment, and are connected to a ground conductor via an earthing wire.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Material Minimum Wire CSA Maximum Wire CSA Minimum Diameter Maximum Diameter Diameter Range Wire CSA Range
RS PRO Earth Clamp Metal 12 → 32mm Diameter RS Pro 2990 Metal - 10mm² 12mm 32mm 12 → 32mm -
SES Sterling Earth Clamp Tinned Bronze 16 → 88mm diameter, 2.5 → 10mm² Wire Range SES Sterling 825 Tinned Bronze 2.5mm² 10mm² 16mm 88mm 16 → 88mm 2.5 → 10mm²
RS PRO Earth Clamp Metal, 2.5 → 6mm² Wire Range RS Pro 800 Metal 2.5mm² 6mm² - - - 2.5 → 6mm²
SES Sterling Earth Clamp Tinned Bronze 8 → 28mm diameter, 2.5 → 6mm² Wire Range SES Sterling 680 Tinned Bronze 2.5mm² 6mm² 8mm 28mm 8 → 28mm 2.5 → 6mm²
RS PRO Earth Clamp Brass, 3 → 35mm² Wire Range RS Pro 510 Brass 3mm² 35mm² - - - 3 → 35mm²
Legrand Earth Clamp Polyamide 12 → 16mm diameter Legrand 120 Polyamide 2.5mm² 10mm² 12mm 16mm 12 → 16mm -
Legrand Earth Clamp Polyamide 18 → 22mm diameter Legrand 110 Polyamide 2.5mm² 10mm² 18mm 22mm 18 → 22mm -
SES Sterling Earth Clamp Tinned Bronze 16 → 48mm diameter, 2.5 → 10mm² Wire Range SES Sterling 96 Tinned Bronze 2.5mm² 10mm² 16mm 48mm 16 → 48mm 2.5 → 10mm²
MK Electric Earthing Lead Adapter Brass MK Electric 58 Brass - - - 20mm - -
Rittal Earthing Strap, Maximum of 4mm² Wire Range Rittal 17 - - 4mm² - - - Maximum of 4mm²
RS PRO Earthing Clamp Tool RS Pro 6 - - - - - - -
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