Embedded System Kits

Embedded system kits are a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. They're built in as part of a complete device, often including hardware and mechanical parts.

What are embedded system kits used for?

Embedded system kits control many devices across the home or in industry. They can be found in your washing machine, electric oven, refrigerator and stereo. Even a car has around 30 to 40 embedded systems on board. At the centre of each embedded system there's a processor or a micro controller that responds to inputs (for example, CPUs with integrated memory or peripheral interfaces).

Types of embedded system kits

There are lots of different embedded system kits available. Ultra-compact devices are ideal for todays smart energy initiatives, as well as other applications that require a cost effective web-enabled device server. Embedded system kits (available as standard or deluxe models) are ideal for educational purposes or real-world embedded solutions.

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Rabbit Semiconductor 101-1327 Standard Development Kit SDK
  • € 123,00
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Rabbit Semiconductor 101-1326 Embedded System Kit
  • € 193,00
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