External Hard Drives

External Hard drives also known as External HDD are computer storage devices located outside the casing, allowing you to add extra storage space without having to be added to the computer. Connecting to a computer is as easy as plugging one end of a data cable into the drive and the other end in the computer, usually a USB connection. Hard drives have a primary use of data storage in a computer, and their capacities are measured in GB (Gigabytes) and sometimes even TB (Terabytes).

External HDD can be connected to the computer or mobile devices via a variety of ports e.g:

• USB 2.0 ; 3.0
• FireWire
• Lightning Port

Portable hard drives offer different rates of data transfer, up to 5 Gbit/s with USB 3.0 and up to 480 Gbit/s with USB 2.0. Most of the models are powered up via a connection port but bigger desktop models need a separate source of power. They need to be connected to the AC adapters.

Can portable hard drives be used as backup drives?

Yes, external hard drives can be customised to backup data automatically, allowing you to retrieve files in the event of a major crash without having to manually backup your data.

Can hard drives be easily transported or need a special attention?

The compact size of the drives offers easy portability, so you can carry it wherever you go. Modern Hard Drives are based on SSD technology. It means there are no moving parts and all internal parts are minimalised and extra durable. Some brands specialise in producing especially rugged portable drives that are shock or even water resistant. An advantage to owning a portable drive is that you can move them from one computer to another, making them great for sharing large files.
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