Handheld Computer Accessories

Handheld computer accessories support the performance and enhance the usability of compact computing devices such as tablets, notebooks and mobile phones.

Types of handheld computer accessories

Tablet stands are amongst the most popular types of handheld computer accessories. They're straightforward devices that let you work or browse hands free, whether at work or at home. A tablet stand lets you fix tablets of all sizes seamlessly into any workspace by clamping them to your desktop. They're also available as a wall mount or with an articulating arm, enabling you to position your tablet for any application. A rotating tablet holder can tilt and swivel and are useful in commercial environments where tablets are used as information points. Other handheld computer accessories include shoulder straps and tablet cases so can use your device safely and minimise the risk of damage when you're on the go.

Choosing the right handheld computer accessories

Most handheld computer accessories are designed to securely hold a range of standard Android or Apple tablet sizes.

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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Accessory Type For Use With
Startech Tablet Keyboard Stand Laptop Stand for use with Laptop, Tablet Startech Laptop Stand Laptop, Tablet
Startech Tablet Stand Tablet Stand for use with iPad Startech Tablet Stand iPad
Startech Tablet Stand for use with Android, iPad Startech - Android, iPad
Startech Tablet Stand for use with iPad, Microsoft Surface 3, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets Startech - iPad, Microsoft Surface 3, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets
Universal Smartphone and Tablet Stand - Startech - -
Bartec Shoulder Strap for use with 95xxex-NI Series Mobile Computer Bartec - 95xxex-NI Series Mobile Computer
Startech Tablet Keyboard Stand Tablet Stand for use with I Pad, Tablet Startech Tablet Stand I Pad, Tablet
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