Hydraulic Spreaders & Wedge Cylinders

Hydraulic flange spreaders are hydraulic tools that have been designed to work with a small access gap or when working at height. With an impressive spreading force of 10000 psi at your fingertips. The system is simple to operate and reduces physical demands to a minimum.

How they work?
The spreader has two arms that come together to a narrow tip that uses the hydraulic pressure to separate or spread the arms. So the tips of the spreader can be inserted into a narrow gap between two vehicle panels, then the arms can be operated, pushing apart the metal in the panels. All this is done smoothly and safe with a unique interlock wedge design eliminates arms being damaged and risk of spreading arm failure.

Hydraulic spreaders are most commonly used in rescue operations to separate doors, they can also be used in heavy equipment maintenance, metal seal replacements and many more. With, some spreaders have the capacity of spreading more than 7 tons.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Capacity Maximum Spread Weight
Hydraulic Wedge Cylinder, 1T Capacity, 700 bar, 3/8-18 Enerpac 1t 94mm 2.3kg
HYDRAULIC SETTING TOOL M10 Glenair - - 1.3kg
Hydraulic Spread Cylinder, 0.75t Capacity, 700 bar, 3/8-18 Enerpac 0.75t 292mm 11.3kg
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