Laser Power Supplies

Laser power supplies are devices used to provide electrical power to lasers. The main function of any power supply is to convert a given electric current to the correct current, voltage and frequency for the output device, which in this case would be the laser. 

How do laser power supplies work?

A laser power supply takes the electrical current from a power source, and converts it into a form that the laser can use. Lasers need high voltage power supplies, but they also require a great deal of stability in the supply, as they are delicate devices. The light-emitting parts of the laser can be damaged by even a short pulse of excess current, and power supplies need to accommodate for this.

Types of laser power supplies

Simply put, laser power supplies come in battery or mains-powered forms. Battery-operated laser power supplies offer greater mobility than those attached to the mains electricity. However, mains power supplies can be plugged into an extension to offer extra mobility if needed, and are also able to power more than one laser at once.

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Laser Power Supply 110 → 240 V ac ac for for Laserlyte-Flex Laser
Battery Box for LaserLyte, Flex + LDL175
30-5V Converter 14mm Leads + Jack Plug
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