Measuring Wheels

A measuring wheel is a construction measuring tool that measures distances whilst walking. Formerly known as a surveyor’s wheel, it’s an effective method to simply measure a distance. The get a more precise measurements the surface should be flat, so it depends on the surface being travelled on how accurate the measurement is.
Measuring wheels are used for lower accuracy measurements, as they're great to get an idea of how long a given distance is.

Construction Sites
A measuring wheel can be used on construction sites on rough and uneven surfaces. Smaller wheels can be used to gauge the dimensions of a building’s interior.

A measuring wheel offers an easy solution to determine the size of a garden or driveway etc.

Railroad Work
Used specifically for measuring tracks within the rail industry. Working on even surfaces it'll be easy to get an accurate measurement. These wheels have a metal side plate to ensure the wheel stays on the track.

What measurement types do the wheels use?
All measuring wheels use the metric measuring system, however some trades still show a need for the English/Imperial system of measurement. The introduction of the Digital measuring wheel, makes it easier to change the display from metres/centimetres to yards/feet.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Measurement Range Accuracy Display Type Model Number p
RS PRO Measuring Wheel 10000 mm RS Pro 70 10000 mm ±1% - -
Stanley Measuring Wheel 10000 m, Metric Stanley 62 10000 m ±1 % Counter MW40M
Stanley Measuring Wheel 10000 m, Metric Stanley 27 10000 m ±1 % Counter, Digital DMW30
Laserliner Measuring Wheel 0 → 9.999 m, Metric Laserliner 9 0 → 9.999 m ±0.1 % LCD RollPilot D12
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