Parallels, Surface Finish & Hardness Testers

Parallel testing allows you to test multiple applications or subcomponents of one application to reduce the time. These tests consist of two or more parts that check different components or practical characteristics of an application.
Any machined component has a surface geometry which consists of three basic elements:
● Form or Curvature – whether the surface has irregular bumps or dimensional changes
● Waviness –that depends of the surface that has regular repetitive ripples or patterns
● Roughness – shapes or the irregularities that are smaller than and form part of the waviness pattern
Waviness and roughness are traditionally the most difficult elements to measure when comparing surface finish, however, they have a radical effect on the performance of the finished component. Variations will cause aesthetic appearance changes, component wear variations, oil retention variation etc. Many manufacturers therefore specify a range of roughness values which their components should be manufactured to, often expressed as: Ra, Rq (RMS), RzDIN, Ry, Sm,mm.

We offer:
● Parallel Testers
● Hardness Tester – works by accelerating the internal bounce module against the tested item. Depending on object hardness the kinetic energy of the module is absorbed. Speed reduction is measured and converted to hardness values
● Surface Finish Tester – it is invaluable for tactile and visual inspection of machined component finish
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Tester Type Recently Introduced Number of Matched Pairs
10 pair parallel matched set RS Pro 20 Parallels - 10
Mechanical Hardness Meter Shore A Sauter 9 Durometer - -
Shore A hardness test durometer,1-100 RS Pro 8 Durometer - -
Mechanical Hardness Meter Shore D Sauter 5 Durometer - -
4 pair parallel matched set RS Pro 2 Parallels - 4
ADJUSTABLE PARALLEL SET 9.5 - 57.2MM RS Pro 2 Parallels - 6
Mechanical Shore Hardness Tester Sauter 1 - -
Dial durometer HARDMATIC shore A Mitutoyo 0 Durometer - -
Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Sauter 0 FN - -
Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Sauter 0 FN - -
Digital durometer HARDMATIC shore D Mitutoyo 0 Durometer - -
Leeb Impact Hardness Tester Sauter 0 Leeb - -
Pen Type Leeb Hardness Tester Sauter 0 Leeb - -
Specimen Comparator, Surface Finish RS Pro 0 Surface Comparator - -
UCI Hardness Tester Sauter 0 - -
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