Pressure Pumps

Our range of pressure pumps features a variety of types, including hydraulic pressure pumps, pneumatic pressure pumps, automatic and hand-operated pumps alongside an assortment of pressure test pumps. A simple pressure pumps main purpose is to increase and stabilise the output and supply of either water, oil or air to a given application, whether that be within an industrial, domestic or commercial environment. In some instances, especially within industrial industries, a pressure pump can be used to assist in testing, troubleshooting and calibrating pressure operated products.

How does a pressure pump work?

The way in which a pressure pump works is entirely dependant on the type and application. The main bulk of them run on the same principle of increasing and decreasing pressure within the system. When a pump is connected to a system it is important to check that the valves on the exit and entry point, this is to be done in conjunction with the pressure dial that shows the current pressure. For pressure to increase, a piston, rotary vane or diaphragm principle is used to pump air or oil by the user into the system. The pump then draws air or oil in and pushes it into the system. To decrease pressure, a valve or pressure switch can be opened to decrease the flow of pressure, which in turn allows air or oil to leave the system.

Where can a pressure pump be used?

Pressure pumps can most commonly be found in applications that involve:

  • Checking plumbing repair work or installations

  • Testing or locating leaks in water pipes and central heating

  • Calibration checks on pressure transmitters, switched, indicators and controllers

  • As a pressure source in test facilities
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Pump Type Maximum Pressure Pressure Connection Weight Tank Capacity Material Minimum Pressure Hose Length
RS PRO Test Pressure Pump 60bar RS Pro 16 Pressure Test Pump 60bar 1/4 in BSP 8kg - Steel 0bar 1.5m
RS PRO Hand Pressure Pump 50bar RS Pro 73 Hand 50bar 1/2 in BSP - 12l - 0bar -
PV211 pneumatic pressure hand pump Druck 32 Hand 40bar 1/4 NPT 453.6g - Nickel Plated Brass 0bar 0.6m
Druck Hand, Hydraulic Pressure Pump 700bar
  • RS kood 529-3550
  • Bränd Druck
  • Tootja partnumber PV212-HP-700-4018
Druck 18 Hand, Hydraulic 700bar 1/4 BSP, 3/8 BSP 1.6kg 0.1l Stainless Steel 0bar 1m
Fluke Pneumatic Pressure Pump Kit 600psi Fluke 18 Pneumatic 600psi 1/4 NPT 560g - - - -
Test pump w/1/2in BSPP conn hose,50bar Virax 18 Hand 50bar 1/2 in BSP 4.2kg - - - -
Time Electronic Pneumatic Pressure Pump Kit 40bar Time Electronic 11 Pneumatic 40bar 1/4 NPT, 1/8 NPT 910g - - 0.95bar -
Fluke Hand, Hydraulic Pressure Pump Kit 690bar Fluke 6 Hand, Hydraulic 690bar - - - - - -
Fluke Hand, Pneumatic Pressure Pump Kit 40bar Fluke 6 Hand, Pneumatic 40bar - - - - - -
Fluke Hydraulic Pressure Pump Kit 10000psi Fluke 6 Hydraulic 10000psi 1/4 NPT 560g - - - -
Druck Hand Pressure Pump 3bar Druck 4 Hand 3bar 1/4 BSP 587g - Nickel Plated Brass 0bar 0.9m
Time Electronic Pneumatic Pressure Pump Kit 700bar Time Electronic 3 Pneumatic 700bar 1/4 BSP, 3/8 BSP 1.4kg - - 0bar -
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