RF Power Meters

What are RF Power Meters?

RF power meters measure the strength of radio frequency signals in dBm or watts and are used to calculate transmitter output. These devices operate at specific frequency ranges and energy levels to quantify the power from transmitting devices.

Factors to consider when selecting RF Power Meters
• Devices employing radio frequency power sensors based on heat are ideal for integrated measurement activities
• Diode-powered detectors are chosen when readings of a base level or instantaneous nature are necessary
• A system's suitability for recording unique indicators such as average power, pulse power, or peak envelope power
• Absorptive type RF power meters are recommended for obtaining laboratory data of exceptional accuracy while through-line type instruments are appropriate for field tasks

RF power meters serve a broad scope of applications, including:

• Directional power calculation
• Determining total power
• Indicating peak envelope power
• Pulse power measurement
• Laboratory usage
• Field usage
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Maximum Power Measurement Maximum Frequency Minimum Frequency Connector Type Dimensions Weight Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Height Length Width
Three in-line monitor,1.8-200MHz 200W Diamond 6 200W 200MHz 1.8 MHz UHF 155 x 103 x 63mm 540g - - 63mm 155mm 103mm
Three in-line monitor,1.6-525MHz 200W Diamond 5 200W 525MHz 1.8 MHz UHF 155 x 103 x 63mm 630g - - 63mm 155mm 103mm
Crystek CPDETLS-4000 RF Power Meter 4GHz DC Voltage Crystek 3 10dBm 4GHz 10 MHz SMA 11.05 (Dia.) x 38.2mm - +70°C -20°C - 38.2mm -
RF Solutions 006 RF Power Meter 915MHz RF Solutions 3 20dBm 915MHz 315 MHz - 90 x 54 x 27mm - +50°C 0°C 27mm 90mm 54mm
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