Security Cables, Chains & Anchor Points

For securing large or cumbersome items, security cables present a practical solution. Tough, dependable and vandal proof, they can be used to tie important items to immovable structures, and padlocked in place. Whether tied through the wheel of a motorbike to immobilise it, or to tie expensive or potentially dangerous power tools into a racking, security cables are a versatile anti-theft and safety solution.

Steel Security Cable

With a woven design that is especially resistant to cutting, thee high tech steel alloy cables have a simple loop at either end for easy locking. They are also available in PVC coating to ensure environmental protection for outdoor use.

Steel Security Chain

This hardened steel cabin is a cost effective solution to locking down property, needing only a padlock to secure. Available with a PVC sheath, it is suitable for outdoor use, and ideal for securing heavy gates such as in warehouse loading bays.

Steel Cable Lock

All the benefits of a steel security cable but with a built in lock and supplied key. The lock contains a convenient self-locking mechanism, and has six locking elements to ensure a level of security you can rely on. This steel cable lock is ideal for securing bikes.

Anchor Points

If there is an insufficient structure to chain your property too, anchor points can be employed to tether security chains. When drilled into solid surfaces, either wall or ground, the anchor points provide a customisable point to thread your security cable through.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Stock Type Chain Diameter Length
Lock and chain set,5mm dia 0.9m length Squire 207 Lock & Chain 5mm 900mm
Welded links steel security chain, 7mm RS Pro 142 Security Chain 7mm 1.2m
Twin loop steel recoilable cable,1.85m L ABUS 134 Twin Loop Cable 8mm 1.85m
Hardened steel security chain, 11mm RS Pro 107 Security Chain 11mm 1.8m
Heavy duty cable lock,8mm dia 650mm L
  • RS kood 238-3313
  • Bränd ABUS
  • Tootja partnumber 28921-650/65
ABUS 99 Cable Lock 8mm 650mm
Steel security cable loop dia. 10mm, 2m ABUS 72 Security Cable 10mm 2m
Twinloop steel alloy security cable,5m L
  • RS kood 364-6053
  • Bränd ABUS
  • Tootja partnumber XR7200 0500
ABUS 42 Twin Loop Cable 10mm 5m
Twinloop steelalloy security cable,10m L
  • RS kood 364-6047
  • Bränd ABUS
  • Tootja partnumber XR7200 1000
ABUS 19 Twin Loop Cable 10mm 10m
Squire Heavy Duty Wall Anchor Squire 14 Anchor - -
Squire Sold Secure Ground Anchor Squire 7 Anchor - -
Abus Steel Anchor Point ABUS 5 Anchor 16mm -
Steel solid anchor point cycle lock ABUS 2 Anchor - -
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