Trackballs are similar to the basic computer mouse. The trackball is a device for pointing and consists of a ball, held in place by a socket that contains a sensor.
How to use a Trackball
Roll the ball using your thumb, finger or the palm of your hand to position the pointer on your screen. You can use your fingertips to press the buttons on the mouse.
Benefits of using a Trackball
Less arm and wrist movement
Less workspace needed
Minimal cleaning needed
Some can be programmed for a specific user
Typical Applications
Common places where you may use a trackball are on CAD workstations for easy precision, from air-traffic controlling to operating equipment to drafting and design work.
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Täpsem kirjeldus Brand Wired/Wireless Ball Diameter Connection Type Hand Orientation Number of Buttons Dimensions Length Width Height
Storm Black Wired PS/2 & USB Trackball Storm Wired 38mm PS/2 & USB - - 60 x 60 x 25mm 60mm 60mm 25mm
Logitech Black Wireless USB Trackball Logitech Wireless 40mm USB Right 5 - 140mm 102mm 42mm
Desktop trackball with USB, 57mm ball CH Products Wired 57mm USB Ambidextrous 5 - - - -
Steel vandal resistant trackball,38mm Storm Installation 38mm PS/2 & USB - - 60 x 60 x 25mm 60mm 25mm 25mm
CH Products Wired PS/2 Trackball CH Products Wired 57mm PS/2 - 4 139.7 x 127 x 68.5mm 139.7mm 127mm 68.5mm
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