PCB prototüübid Ja ESD

Selles tootegrupis on kõik PCB arenduseks (prototüübi plaadid ja PCB hoidikud) olemas. Meie ESD tootegrupis on suures valikus ESD tooteid, kaasa arvatud pakkematerjalid ja maandusseadmed. Siit leiate erinevaid sumisteid ja summereid.

IOT Applications Examples

IoT has infiltrated almost every aspect of modern living, from monitoring energy use in offices to tracking and assisting health improvements.

Where's the wearables?

Rings and bracelets have been around for thousands of years. The first major technological advance on these was the wristwatch – which became popular during the First World War. Now, we’re inserting technology into many things – smart bracelets, watches and rings are becoming common. And technology is also making it into other items that we wear.

ON Semiconductor Solutions for Energy Infrastructure

Energy generation, distribution, and storage are quickly expanding markets due to increasing demand and the need to meet targets set by government policy. Increased efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and a focus on renewable and clean energy are key factors in this Energy Infrastructure Evolution.