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RS PRO 222 mm VDE Cable Knife

RS-i tootenr 829-6515

173 UK Laos

173 UK Laos

€ 9,40

tk (KM-ta)

€ 11,28

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RS PRO 222 mm VDE Cable Knife


173 UK Laos

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RS PRO 1000V Insulated Electrician's Knife

From RS PRO this 1000V insulated Cable Knife is perfect to meet all your requirements. This high-quality insulated cable stripping knife has been designed with a comfortable and ergonomic blade handle, offering a moulded and secure grip with thumb guard to prevent any accidental slipping causing injury to the user. The sharp, sickle shaped blade allows for accurate and efficient cable stripping, preventing any damage to the fragile internal wires of the cable. Capable of delivering a clean and precise finish, this hand tool is an ideal piece of equipment for professional and DIY users alike.

1000V Knives


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