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RS PRO Cable Tie Gun, 0.3 → 12mm Capacity

RS-i tootenr 493-1958

185 UK Laos

185 UK Laos

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RS PRO Cable Tie Gun, 0.3 → 12mm Capacity

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185 UK Laos

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RS PRO Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool

Brought to you by the trusted RS PRO brand, this plier-style cable tie installation tool is the ideal way to take the strain out of heavy-duty cabling applications. This hand-operated plier is used for tightening and trimming stainless steel cable ties up to 12 mm in width, and is a quicker and easier way of neatly attaching cable ties to individual or bundles of cables. With a robust construction and a conveniently placed cut off lever, the tool is ideal for comfort and precision over long periods of operation.

The operation is simple. Firstly insert the free end of the installed cable tie into the plier. Then operate the handles to tension the tie. Finally, to trim off the excess tie, press the release lever in combination with handles.

Cable Tie Tooling


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