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RS PRO Replacement Jaws for Utility Pliers

RS-i tootenr 734-012

136 UK Laos

136 UK Laos

€ 3,20

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RS PRO Replacement Jaws for Utility Pliers


136 UK Laos

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RS PRO Soft Jaw Utility Pliers

From RS PRO, these adjustable soft grip water pump pliers are an essential toolbox addition for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The box joint design allows a firm and adjustable grip on various kinds of pipes and fasteners. The adjustment is also supported by a sprung mechanism which also prevents the adjusted pliers slipping to another position.
The waterpump pliers have a snub nose head with nylon gripping jaws, for complete confidence when applying torque, with a reduced risk of scratching or damaging the part.
With an ergonomic grip and versatile adjustability, these water pump pliers are a tool you can rely on.

Replacement nylon jaws are available (734-012)

Features and Benefits

• Soft jaw grip
• PVC dipped handles for comfortable grip
• Sprung adjuster


Although water pump pliers get their name from being used to tighten the packed glands in water pumps in cars and vans, they can be used for gripping nuts and bolts with large round or square diameters and other irregular shaped objects. As such, they are suitable for many applications wherever a tight grip and leverage are required. The soft grip version of these pliers are ideal for gripping decorative plumbing parts where there is a risk of scratching or damaging the part. They are sometimes known as water pump pipe wrenches, and they are often used by;

• Mechanics
• Plumbers
• Maintenance engineers

What is the difference between water pump pliers and plumber's grips?

The term 'grips' can be applied to many different hand tools, and so can be confusing. For instance, pipe grip pliers are very similar, but often have a differently shaped head with smooth teeth. Though water pump pliers are very versatile with wide applications in plumbing and maintenance, they are designed specifically for packed glands on water pumps. Be sure to pay careful attention to the head when purchasing grips, to be assured they are suitable for your needs.


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand for reliability and value for money. We source high-quality parts at great prices and test everything with our in-house experts to ensure the quality you need.

When it comes to tools, we know that versatility and dependability are what you need. As such, we stock a variety of mainstay and specialist tools to suit any application. Whether you're a professional electrician, plumber, builder or DIY enthusiast, RS PRO is here to support you.

Waterpump / Slip Joint Pliers


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