RS PRO Test Probe

RS tootekood 125-3734
Bränd RS PRO

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RS PRO Test Probe


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RS PRO Fused Test Probes, 1000 V, GS38

To fit the multimeter test lead set, these RS PRO fused probes are necessary to provide a safe means of voltage measurement on high energy circuits. Meeting the requirements of GS38 safety guidance and IEC1010 Cat III 1000 V safety standard. Each probe is fitted with a 500 mA 1000 V HRC fuse. Replacement fuses can be purchased please see RS Stock no. 161-1530

Add on crocodile clips can be combined with the fused test probes and multimeter test lead set. Providing a fused crocodile clip configuration maintaining the requirements of GS38 and IEC 1010 Cat III 1000 V.

Crocodile clips (also known as alligator clips) are extremely useful as the sharp teeth and spring design means that they can clip onto anything to make quick and easy test connections. They allow you to test circuits without crossing wires or causing shorts

RS PRO have a wide range of multimeter test leads, multimeters and accessories that have been RS approved meaning that the products are value for money and high-quality you can rely on.

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