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TE Connectivity Vibration Sensor 0°C → +70°C, Dimensions 41 (mm) x 16 (mm) x 205 (μm)

RS-i tootenr 893-7177
Mark TE Connectivity
Tootja partnumber 11028414-00

77 UK Laos

77 UK Laos

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TE Connectivity Vibration Sensor 0°C → +70°C, Dimensions 41 (mm) x 16 (mm) x 205 (μm)

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77 UK Laos

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TE Connectivity LDT Series Piezo Vibration Sensors

TE Connectivity’s MEAS LDT series of piezo vibration sensors are constructed with a piezo film element laminated to a polyester layer. A wide range of lead attachments are available. Some of this series are supplied with solder tabs for direct application with PCBs whilst others are completed with a twisted pair wire. The capacitance is proportional to the area and inversely proportional to the thickness of the element.

Suitable applications for LDT0/M vibration sensors include low power wakeup switch, low cost vibration sensing, car alarms, security systems, washing machine vibration sensing and body movement. The LDT1 range can be used for measuring impact related events, counting the number of impact related events, recording the time of an event, sensing direct contact force, sensing vibration using a cantilevered switch, wakeup switches and motion detection are all suitable applications. LDT2/4 piezo sensors are suitable for solid state switches for counters, momentary close type switches and beam-type vibration sensors.

TE Connectivity


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