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Tempo, 1300 Series Coaxial Cable Termination Kit

RS-i tootenr 428-2672
Mark Tempo

15 UK Laos

15 UK Laos

€ 275,00

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€ 330,00

1 komplekti (hind KM’ga)

Tempo, 1300 Series Coaxial Cable Termination Kit

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1 - 4€ 275,00
5 - 9€ 265,00
10 - 24€ 257,00
25 - 49€ 250,00
50+€ 244,00


15 UK Laos

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CoaxReady™ Deluxe Kit

From Paladin, the CoaxReady™ Deluxe tool kit designed for LAN/Ethernet, video and CATV installation. The CoaxReady™ tool kit is ideal for preparing, terminating and testing most coaxial cabling systems. The high-quality kit provides networking specialists with a range of professional tools ensuring seamless preparation and installation.

All supplied in a durable zipped case and carrying strap, the CoaxReady™ kit ensures you have all the right tools available and close at hand.

Coaxial Cable Tooling


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