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Timestrip Non-Reversible Temperature Label Indicator, 6°C to 8°C

RS-i tootenr 865-6248
Mark Timestrip
Tootja partnumber TP065

2700 UK Laos

2700 UK Laos

€ 125,00

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€ 150,00

1 pakk 100 tk (hind KM’ga)

Timestrip Non-Reversible Temperature Label Indicator, 6°C to 8°C

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2700 UK Laos

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Timestrip® Plus Temperature Indicators

Many products are adversely affected by temperature and need to be monitored for temperature abuse. Timestrip® PLUS indicators record irreversibly how long an item has spent above a maximum temperature threshold. Depending on the model, up to 8 or 12 hours of cumulative threshold breach can be recorded during a total monitoring period that can be hours, weeks or months as required.
Timestrip® Plus can be attached directly to a product, package or shipment and each indicator has a unique serial code for traceability. They can be stored inert at room temperature and then activated when required.



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