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Timestrip Non-Reversible Time Indicator Label

RS-i tootenr 865-6241
Mark Timestrip
Tootja partnumber TS019

3400 UK Laos

3400 UK Laos

€ 60,50

1 pakk 100 tk (KM-ta)

€ 72,60

1 pakk 100 tk (hind KM’ga)

Timestrip Non-Reversible Time Indicator Label

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1 - 4€ 60,50
5 - 9€ 58,50
10+€ 56,00


3400 UK Laos

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Timestrip® Time Indicators

You know that replacing parts on time is important for maintaining the performance you expect, but you find it hard to track when replacements are due. Timestrip® time indicators make it easy by showing you time passing. No need to guess or record and calculate dates since the red colour moves past the time markers and when it gets to the end, you know that time is up.
Every time you replace a part, simply activate a new Timestrip® indicator and stick it on a room temperature surface such as paperwork, a notice board, the part or a device. It is perfect for reminding you to change a filter, replace an expired product or maintain a device.



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