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Weidmuller Ferrule Kit, 1 piece

RS-i tootenr 425-8742
Mark Weidmuller
Tootja partnumber 9028680000

45 UK Laos

45 UK Laos

€ 304,00

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€ 364,80

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Weidmuller Ferrule Kit, 1 piece

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45 UK Laos

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Weidmuller Bootlace Ferrule Kits - Ferrule Kit - PZ6 Kit

From Weidmuller, a professional bootlace ferrule crimping set designed for cutting, stripping and crimping wire ended ferrules up to 6mm². The set comprises of the PZ 6 Roto L ratchet crimp tool, the STRIPAX® stripping tool and a selection of ferrules ranging from 0.5mm² to 6.0mm². All supplied in a robust plastic storage case with carrying handle. The ideal kit for service, repair, and new installations.

Bootlace Ferrule Kits


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